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I think my life is better said in pictures and best described in short, clever phrases or memorable quotes.


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"In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
And where you invest your love, you invest your life"                                                                                                   I don't even really listen to Mumford & Sons but I really like this particular lyric.


BIG Guava Music Festival

Florida isn't exactly known for its music festivals but I am happy to announce that I have found an awesome festival to plan for this year that is a little closer to home! From what I understand this is the first annual festival of its kind and it is set in Tampa, Florida close to my hometown of Boca Raton. Headliners are Outkast, Cake, and Girl talk, to name a few. Tickets just went on sale and, come tax time, I'm purchasing two. Time to plan another awesome festival boogie with my husband and we wont even have to pay for a room! I am determined to make this summer the best of all summers ever in my life :D


Friendship: Impossible

I have learned many lessons and one of the biggest is that family is thicker than friends. Many times in my life I have put friendship ahead. Looking back now, where are those friends I had so eagerly push aside everything and everyone else for? I often open myself up to people and include them as a friend. You never truly know someone until they betray you. I have so nice and politely let people in, and they have turned around and stabbed me in the back. And the truth is: I need to forgive them so I can forgive myself for letting them and with that grow as a person and be more aware.                                                                             It is also very hard for me to make, and keep, friends with my attention deficit disorder. Not only is the socialization integration awkward for someone like me but to uphold such expectations to another human being whom I am not related to by marriage or blood is just difficult for me. I am no longer so easily trusting of other people. And that is a very sad and hard thing for me to be. It's especially sad when the only friend I have is my therapist. But I do say, it is much easier to cut off the outside to first make my home-life better from within.